28 May 2007

Bureau've Changed

Last week we went to an underground indie dive to look in the direction of some bands and were confronted by an unusual thing: a brilliant support act. That act was called Daggers, who chose to support the headliners by basically filling the dancefloor for them.

Some of you may have come across Daggers before, playing under their old moniker Bureau. Daggers used to be called Bureau but decided they didn’t want to be called Bureau anymore so they changed their name to Daggers. Which is a fairly bold move, especially for a new band.

Let’s have a look at some of the things Bureau Daggers have got going for them:

:: The lead singer resembles a cross between Richey Manic and Cristiano Ronaldo.
:: That’s a good thing, in case you were wondering.
:: They dress and act like total fucking stars.
:: There are two (TWO!) very hot keyboard players in the band.
:: Their song titles reference things as diverse as telly and magazines.

While most of that list relates solely to the band’s image, do not make the mistake of assuming that their music is shit. Daggers are much less style over content than they are stylish content. They make the sort of danceable electrock stompers that mankind was given the ability to lift his arms into the air for.

Mixing modern touches with eighties sensibilities is not exactly a new thing, but it’s always a pleasant surprise when a band comes along who can do it with such skill. Tracks like ‘Magazine’ and ‘Living With TV’ brim with musical flair and smart lyrics, making it easy to see why Daggers have a habit of winning over unsure audiences.

Obviously the whole Bureau/Daggers thing is a bit of a mess but hopefully it is sorted out now once and for all. Daggers is quite a good name for a band, although it is completely ungooglable (you just get a load of results about weapons and a rubbish football team).

Daggers are playing lots of gigs around Manchester, and are heading down to London at the end of June. They are definitely worth seeing, and not just for the endearing way in which Theo (the singer) shouts ‘”CHEERS!” after every song.

Their MySpace page is
here if you need convincing.

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