22 February 2008

A des gen tl'r Wawffactor?

Here is a picture of a popstar before she was famous:

Very nice. But who is it? Obviously it is someone called ‘Aimee’ (we think it’s pronounced ‘Amy’), but who could it be? Here are some clues:

:: She is not American
:: She is a singer
:: She is not dead
:: She is a ‘divisive talent’
:: It is not Alexis Taylor

Have you guessed it yet?

THAT’S RIGHT! It’s Duffy, before she dropped her ridiculous forename and found herself some decent stylists. Look at that hair. The picture is taken from the website of S4C’s ‘WAWFFACTOR’, which is a bit like X Factor but with an even higher percentage of people who think they are the next Tom Jones.

This reminds us of the time Chris Martin shaved off his pre-fame curly locks in order to look disaffected ’n’ sexy (instead of just a posh cock) in Coldplay’s early shots. We were so incensed we wrote an email to Planet Sound ranting about it. It was all hugely unnecessary.

(Thanks to Holly C for the link).


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